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Get Latest Jain Events directly to your Email ID intends to provide information on Jain Temples, Latest Events, Temple Pictures, Route Map and Contact Info of all Jain Temples under Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt, Melsithamur.

Do visit Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt to know of Mutt History, Mutt Activities, Swamiji and Jina Kanchi Jain Temples.

We are trying our best to publish information of as many temples as possible. Below are a few temples for which some information has been provided, while we are working on the remaining ones. If you have any information on the Events, History, Route, Photos or Contact of your village temple or any other temple please send us so that we could publish it here. Also, do not hesitate to let us know if any existing details needs to be modified.

Updated Temples:

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13 comments on “Welcome to

  1. A.Shettu said:

    Thorappadi jain temple not in the list. Why?

    • Sangeetha said:

      Thank you for mentioning this. We have included Thorappadi jain temple in the list. We’ll try adding details of the temple soon. If you have any pictures or information on the temple do send us.

  2. mekalajain said:

    A great work done by sangeetha to know about our temples and our old tradition. CONGRADS DAAA SANGEETHA

    • Sangeetha said:

      Thank you Akka. I just cannot take the whole credit. It was a combined effort of my hubby n me !!

  3. J.Jayabal said:

    Very much appreciate the hard work behind this wonderful website

    • Sangeetha said:

      Thank you daddy for these inspiring words :)

  4. kavitha Jain said:

    Great effort… I congrats to come up with this nice idea, many can gain knowledge from this….

    • Sangeetha said:

      Thank you Kavitha

  5. Malarvizhi jayavijayan said:

    Dear head,
    Almost all Jain temples photos were available in my fb. You can use the same. All the very best and so far we do not have such information in the book form.

    • Sangeetha said:

      Dear Malarvizhi,
      Thank you for your encouragement and support. Its people like you who keep us motivated! :)
      We will definitely use the possible photos from your FB.

  6. Boobalan said:

    Please add more info such as the location, route, how many jain houses, yearly important events/functions etc.,

    • Sangeetha said:

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion.
      We are planning to implement the route with google maps soon. Will try collecting the other details too to list them here.

  7. Priya Ramesh, Gingee said:

    Great effort…congratulations…

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