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Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt, Melsithamur

- Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt, Melsithamur

Tamilnadu had been famous for Jain temples. It was held in high esteem for several centuries in the past. Thousands of Jain devotees patronized these ancient Jain temples in Tamilnadu. It is the Melsithamur Jinalaya – Jinakanchi Mutt which is the most revered one and it is considered as the Headquarters of Jainism by each and every Jain across Tamilnadu. “Maha Pradhana Perumal Devathanda Nayaga Chadurvedi Mangalam” is yet another name for this Melsithamur. To know more about the history of Melsithamur visit History of Melsithamur – Various Rulers in the Past

Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt is located in Gingee Taluk in Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu. It is the primary religious center of the Tamil Jain community and is headed by Swasti Sri Laxmisena Bhattaraka Battacharaya Swamigal. The Villupuram area has been one of the important centres of Jainism since ancient times. Historically, Jina Kanchi, a part of Kanchipuram was situated in the south banks of Vegavathi river. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the math had been shifted to Melsithamur in the 16th century. This mutt is in fact the figurative overseer of all Tamil Jain temples in Tamilnadu.

Temples at Melsithamur:

Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt Projects – Ongoing and Planned:

  • Propagation of Spirituality
  • Preservation of ancient writings on leaves(Thalu Patra) – Research Centre
  • Vidhyapeeta (Gurukulam)
  • Thirukural – Jainism- Tamil Research Centre
  • Library
  • Technical Centres
  • Praakrutham – Sanskrit- Research Centre
  • Yatri Nivas for Sages
  • Hostel for students
  • Home for the Aged
  • Shelter for Pilgrims
  • Jinalaya Maintenance Committee
  • Home for Animals (Goshala)
  • Scientific Agriculture Development Centre (Organic Farming) and other activities.

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