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Swasti Sri Lakshmi Sena Bhattaraka Bhattacharya Swamigal,
Sarva Jinalaya Paribalakar,
Jina Kanchi Jain Mutt,
Melsithamur Village (VIA) Vallam,
Villupuram District, Gingee Taluk
Tamilnadu, India.

How to Reach:

From Chennai – 139 kms south-east
From Tindivanam – 20 kms
From Gingee – 10 kms
From Pondicherry – 60 kms
From Bangalore – 260 kms
From Tirupathi – 210 kms

Nearest Railway Station – Tindivanam


Landline – 04145-235325
Mobile – (+91) 94431 53753

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