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People behind this website!!

How to send us information:

Any information regarding temples, events or pictures can be e-mailed to

Another easy way to send us temple information or photos can be to upload them directly to Jinakanchi’s facebook page (Please provide description for uploaded photos like which temple, thirtankar, yakshan, yakshi etc.)

What information can be sent:

1) Temple Events:

Tell us about any event that has been planned in your village temple like Thiruvizha, Panchakalyanam, Kumbabishekam, Vidhanams etc. mentioning the following:

  • Event Name (eg. Ugadi Thiruvizha)
  • Date of Event (eg. 24-May-2014)
  • Place of Event (eg. Vilukkam Temple)
  • Any other Details (eg. Bhattaraka Swamiji attending fuction. Patti mandram and other programs planned at night. Food would be availed for afternoon etc.)

Once the event is finished, photos can be mailed to us mentioning all the above details which would be published in the website.

2) Temple Route:

We would be happy if you could help us with the below details regarding route and contact:

  • Reaching Temple by Car – Provide us the route to take from major towns with clear Directions, Approximate kms and Landmarks.
  • Reaching Temple by Bus – Provide us the Bus Route, Bus number and Bus Timings from Major Towns.
  • Also mention if other transport like autos are available.
  • Temple address with Pincode.
  • Contact number of Temple Vatthiyar.

3) Temple Photos:

If you are taking photos of your temple to send us please take care to cover the following (preferably without people):

  • Full Temple view from outside
  • Outer Gopuram
  • Manasthanbam
  • Inner Gopurams and Deities Inside
  • Sutru Praharam
  • Moolavar/Main Deity
  • Brass Idols at the sides
  • Pillars
  • Village Streets etc.

Do check Kallakulathur Jain Temple and Thayanur Jain Temple pictures for reference.

After sending us information, please give us some time to update it on the website.
Thank you for your contribution :)

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