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History of Melsithamur – Various Rulers in the Past

From 7th to 9th century A.D, this village was a part of Singavaram and was ruled by the kings of Pallava dynasty.

After the fall of Pallavas, Cholas took control of the entire Tamilnadu and patronised Tamil effectively. During the reign of Adithan-I, RajathiRajan-II and Vikrama Cholan, this Sithamur was well looked after.

Kings of Sambuvara dynasty ruled over certain parts of Chola Empire. They had allotted land to Malainathar temple.

When Chola dynasty suffered a fall, Sadavarma Sundara Pandiya-I took over the kingdom and Melsithamur was continued to be taken care of.

Vijaya Nagar- Kings of Nayaka dynasty:
It was since the rule of Vijaya Nagar kings that the parts around Gingee started flourishing one. Sri, Venkatappa Nayakkar helped to renovate Pareesan Temple. He had also sanctioned permission to erect Maanasthambam.

Various stone-inscriptions of Cholas, Vijayangar kings and their successors are available at Sithamur. The various ancient glories of Sithamur are found in the stone inscriptions of Maarangiyur, Paranur, Thirumazhapadi and Singavaram and Copper stone inscriptions talk about the glories of Aalampoondi.

Malaiyanaar- Malainathar Kovil:
In the year 871 A.C. (i.e. 24 x 7), one Sri Mathiyan Arinthigai belonging to Then Kavai Kula Mangalam- Puthaambur of Pudukottai District of Cholanadu donated a Nandha lamp (Vilakku) to keep the preaching hall of Malainathar Kovil illuminated perpetually (i.e.) as long as the sun and the moon exist in the world.

Inscriptions below the statues of Malainathar (871 A.D):
The inscription begins with the “Swastishree Kaadavar Kone Pavia” and ends with”Aram Peruga Vaakumaval”. The meaning of the lines is that the magnificent queen of Aditha Cholan, Kadavar Kone Paavai wearing the clanking anklets, had chosen the glorious Melsithamur to improve and implement the already existing Jain charities there.

Stone Inscriptions of Vikrama Chola (A.D. 1136):
The inscription begins with “Swathi Shree Koparakesar and says that barren lands in between Venkalathur and Theevanur were donated to Sithamur Simmapurinathaswamy (Pareeswanathaswamy) at 3 Maa per village. Singapurinathar Jinalayam was famous during Chola period itself. In the succeeding periods of Vijaya Niagara kings, it was improved architecturally.

Stone Inscriptions’ of Kulothunga Cholan (A.D. 1148):
The opening line of the inscription starts with “Swasthi Shree Thiripuvana Chakravarthigal”. The inscription ends with “I gave to Pareesa Thevar of the temple”. During the 12th year of their rule, wife of Raja Kambeeramaran gave Sithamur itelf an absolute gift to Pareesa Thevar. Parswanathar Temple is also called “Palliyaazhvaar Temple” and “Theerthangararai Paareesa Thevar”.

RajathiRajan II (A.D. 1163- 1179):
During the 10th year of his rule, he has assign government lands to Theerthangarar enshrined at Sithamur. Thiruvoorampalli Pandiya Naadu Kondaan has also given lands as gift.

Vishnu Deva Maharaayar (A.D 1218):
To meet out the expenditure occurred on work ship at Singapurinathar temple and its festival, a piece of land (extent 91 kuzhi) in the east of tank was given away. To meet out the expenditure towards work ship at Malaiyanaarkoil, a piece of land (extent 30 kuzhi) was given away as Pallichandam.

Achuthappa Naickar (A.D.1582):
This inscription starts with a saying “Swasthi Shree” and ends with a saying “Let the most grievous sinners go to hell”. It informs that five persons employed in the temple were given lands.

Venkatapathi Deva Maharaayar (A.D. 1578- 1586):
12 persons, serving the temple of Simmapurinaathar were honoured with lands. One Busi Chetty s/o Boyee Chetty of MahanagaKulam, Karnataka, was given permission to erect Maanasthambam (Kannada and Sanskrit). The stone-inscriptions found here convey that they belong to ancient ages and also remain as valuable clues in history.  (Referred from the Notes of Mr. Colonel McKenzie)

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Stone Inscriptions

Stone Inscriptions

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