About Melsithamur Malainathar Jain Temple

Place – Melsithamur
Nearby Town – Gingee
Moolavar – Bhagwan Bahubali, Bhagwan Parshvanath, Bhagwan Adinath, Bhagwan Mahavir and Kooshmandini Yakshi

Malainathar Kovil / Malaiyanaar Kovil:

Malainathar Kovil has also been called as Thiruvooram Palli or Kattam Palli. The carvings of Tirtankaras Bagubali, Parshwanathar, Adhibagavan, Mahavira and Yakshi Dharma Devi belonging to the 7th century sculptured on a single rock here is a testimony to the workmanship of those days.

1. Shri 1008 Bhagwan Bagubali
The fortunate creeper creeps around the hands and legs of Bagubali. The wonderful skill of the sculptor is best exhibited in the postures of the two sisters of Bagubali- One looks at us straight and the other turns around steals a look.

2. Shri 1008 Bhagwan Parshwanathar
Parshwanathar, with a broad chest, robust shoulders and muscular hips, stands here as a statue. The sights of sorrowful appearances of Kamadan are surprisingly beautiful. The statue of Yakshan Dharanendiran in a bent form and Yakshi Padmavathi seeking the lord’s blessing command admiration and respect.

3. Shri 1008 Bhagwan Adhinath
The statue of the first Thirtankar Sri Adhinath Bhagawan (Rishabdev) bestows peace to all.

4. Shri 1008 Bhagwan Mahavir
Vardhaman Mahavir is in a meditative posture. The workmanship is simply superb that it draws every onlooker to the path of peace.

5. Kooshmandini – Dharma Devi Yakshi
The artistic statue is a proof to the unparalleled skill of the sculptors. The statue could be witnessed with her right leg placed on the ground, the left leg a little behind on a mango tree, the right hand like a lotus and the left hand holding the branch of a mango tree. The entire body is in a triangular shape, bent and slanting a little to the right (Thiribanga State). The lion vahana can also be observed at the bottom.

Dharma Devi is also decked with jewels such as a crown on the head, ornaments in the ears, necklace on the neck and bangles studded with pearls on her hands. She possessed a graceful waist and the smiling looks, merciful eyes added beauty of the statue. Two little babies by her right and a woman by her left are found nestling around her. Sculptures of this type can be seen only in Ajantha, Ellora, Naagaar, Suragorda, Amaravathy and Thiribuvanam. The statue of Dharuma Devi is unique in itself. The work can be compared with none.

6. Changa Nidhi – Paduma Nidhi
Changa Nidhi and Paduma Nidhi was found on the either sides of the walls at the entrance of Malainathar temple.

- Melsithamur Malainathar Temple

- Malainathar Sannathi

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