Melsithamur Parshvanath Jain Temple Pictures

Ancient Wall Paintings and Statues inside Temple Gopuram:

On the first floor of Moola Gopura of Shree Parswanatha Jinalayam, there is a wide and broad cool room. The room is filled with the sculptures and paintings of divine Gods and Goddesses.

- Ancient paintings are inside this gopuram

Colorful Ancient Paintings:

On the four inner sides of the gopuram wall, one can observe the overwhelming paintings of Theerthangarar ( 70 on the walls and 2 on the cross-bar above), Dwarabalagars, Nandheeswara Theebam (Dhweeram), Loga Swaroobam( life is based on love), Munis, women sages, the 16 dreams dreamt by Jinamatha Dharmachakra, Three umbrellas (Mukkudai), human figures with faces of 24 animals, 14 organs, 5 mountains(Pancha Meru) Irandaraithivibam, Samova saranam ( Preaching hall of Jinas) which are ever living historical monuments. The divinity in the paintings and sculptures impress the human souls and soothes the heart.

Chunna Statues:

Sculptures of Yakshan and Yakshis of Sudhai, divine statues of Adhi Bhagawan, Chandra Prabu, Mahaveera and many others are also a great sight.

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