About Periya Kolappalur Jain Temple

Place – Periya Kolappalur
Nearby Town – Arani
Moolavar – Rishabanath Bhagwan
Other Deities – Bhagwan Bhagubali, Dharmadevi Yakshi, Brahma Devar, Navagraham

Temple History:
Temple was built before 800 years. Now renovation works are going on. The renovation works have been initiated by SRI 108 VISHVESH SAGAR MUNI MAHARAJ, in the presense of Melsithamoor Swasti Sri Lakshimisena Battaraga Battachriya Swamigal and Thirumalai Sri Thavala Keerthi Swamigal.

In this village, the first Tamilnadu Jain Youth conference was held. It was organised by a great scholar MelMinnal Chakkaravarthi Nainar.

Temple Festivals:

  • Kaanum Pongal
  • Atchaya Thiruthiyai (Dhana Poojai)
  • Ugadi
  • Deepavali

About the Village:

In this village there are around 60 Jain families. Four Jain streets are there. Sri 108 Vishvesh Sagar Munimaharaj had stayed here for his Chaturmas in 2013.

Content Courtesy:

Our sincere thanks to R.Rajesh, Kolappalur for providing us information on this temple.

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